We exclusively feed all of our cats (and pet dogs) Life's Abundance food. We will guarantee our Siberian kittens to be free from genetic illness for the first year when they are kept on this high quality diet.  Order by clicking above link or by visitingwww.lifesabundance.com/ctaylor 

A Word About Our Siberian Cattery

Sestra Siberians

Hypo Allergenic Kittens For Sale in Central Indiana

I was completely heart broken several years ago when I learned that I had become allergic to cats. Living with a cat was no longer an option for me. This was a total bummer considering that the first three letters of my name are C.A.T. (Cathy). I always knew that there were hypo allergenic dogs but had no idea there were hypo allergenic cats!

Then I discovered Siberians. This is where my journey begins. The more I researched Siberian Cats the more I fell in love with them. Not only for their regal looks but also their incredible dog-like personalities. With the purchase of my first Siberian I was pleasantly surprised to have no itchy, watery eyes even though she spent much of her days napping on my bed. The joy I felt having a cat in my home again was unbelievable! It was a great day in CathyLand!

There was no way I could keep this to myself! As I shared, I quickly found there were so many other cat lovers unable to have a cat in the house due to allergies. Since I started breeding I have been able to share this joy with so many others.  It is my wish to raise beautiful, intelligent, and well socialized Siberian kittens to be adopted into loving homes.