Hypo Allergenic Kittens For Sale in Central Indiana

Sestra Siberians

Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens and Cats

We exclusively feed all of our cats (and pet dogs) Life's Abundance food. We will guarantee our Siberian kittens to be free from genetic illness for the first year when they are kept on this high quality diet.  Order by clicking above link or by visitingwww.lifesabundance.com/ctaylor 


          Siberians were first introduced to the U.S. from Russia around 1990. They have become well known for their hypoallergenic qualities as well as their dog-like personalities.

          Siberian cats have lower levels of Fel D-1 than most other breeds of cats. Fel D-1 is a protein found in the saliva of cats. When cats groom themselves the protein dries on the coat and becomes airborne. 

          All Siberian kittens and cats  have different levels of Fel D-1, but even a Siberian with a higher level of this protein still has a significantly lower level than most other cats. Since Siberians have  a substantially lower amount of Fel D-1, most people with allergies can live with a Siberian. 

          Siberians are a medium to large breed cat. They rank in size just under a Maine Coon. Males are generally bigger than Females. 

          Siberians are gentle, loving, and want to be on your lap most of the time. Siberians have longer back legs enabling them to be excellent jumpers. They love heights and some enjoy playing in water. 

         The Siberian comes in a large variety of patterns and colors, including color points.