We are so excited that you would like to join our waitlist! In order for us to best match you with your new kitten, we need to collect some information. Please complete this form. In the "Message" section, include your address and phone number. We would also love to know what interests you about Siberians. Do you have allergies? Do you love the looks or personality of the breed? Maybe it’s all of the above! Also, do you have a preference as far as gendercolor, or are you flexible on one or both? After you’ve completed the message field with the above information, you can send a refundable $100 waitlist fee to Cathy on any of the platforms listed below. Once payment is received, you will be notified via email that you are on our waitlist. We are so excited to hear from you!

Cathy, Amanda, and Kirsten

Paypal: cathytaylor3029@gmail.com
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Venmo: cathy-taylor-30

Sestra Siberians

We exclusively feed all of our cats (and pet dogs) Life's Abundance food. We will guarantee our Siberian kittens to be free from genetic illness for the first year when they are kept on this high quality diet.  Order by clicking above link or by visitingwww.lifesabundance.com/ctaylor 

Hypo Allergenic Kittens For Sale in Central Indiana